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Application forms along with Prospectus for First Year PUC Arts, Commerce & Science can be obtained from the College from 07.05.2012 on all the Working days.

The Raichur District of Karnataka State belongs to the so called Hyderabad Karnataka Region a front liner and bold faced in the map of backward regions. The struggle is on and on to dehyenate in front the label of backwardness and to make it a comfortable dwelling place.

Furthermore, a strong penchant to serve the society led T S S Raichur to chose the path of education, that can be reached out to all and also can fetch the progress at hell-for-leather pace.

Thus SRPS PU College, Raichur is one of the premier Institutions under umbreslla T S S imparting basic and quality education in the fields of Arts, Commerce & Science, which are ramifications having root in the latin verb “Scintia” meaning ‘to know’ – the knowledge. At their point , it behooves me to put as message, the ideas that flow down from my memory lane.

That the knowledge is not merely the collection of facts. For man has inquiring mind and curiosity to learn from the nature and make living with more and more comfort. Nonetheless , the Science should not be learnt or taught in a way similar to the description of an elephant by the five blind man.

As Rabi proposes that science be taught with a certain historical understanding , with a social understanding and a human understanding.

Perhaps , the destination between factual knowing and understanding can be illustrated more clearly by considering two words in the German language “describing” knowledge-‘kennen’ and ‘wisen’ ‘kennen’ means ‘knw’ ‘wisen’ means to understand.

It is the understanding of the fundamental concepts that help to build a robust foundation and colossal confidence to make a career in all frontiers of Arts, Commerce & science.

Our Institution is putting its endeavors in this direction with enthusiasm and dynamism to aid in cherishing the goals of children and parents.

With warm regarding to all beloved students.


(Pavan Sukhani)

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